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How to Make Cement Concrete Road? – Methods of Construction

How to Make Cement Concrete Road

Roads contribute majorly to economic development and growth of any place. They are an essential part of everyday transportation. Roads help open up newer areas and interlinks one place to another. Today this article covers how the construction of cement concrete roads takes place in India. 

How to Make Cement Concrete Road?

Before we see the steps to construct, let us know what the advantages of cement concrete roads are:

  • It is watertight.
  • It is strong and durable
  • It can resist all and any weather or temperature conditions
  • It has a dustless surface 
  • Its lifespan is more 

Stuff you need to know before you build a cement concrete road:

You need to know about the traffic conditions, type of soil, the population of the area, and the road’s width to determine the thickness of road before you start constructing a cement concrete road. 

Read below the stepwise construction of a cement concrete road:

  1. Making the sub-base/ subgrade
  2. Laying the formwork
  3. Arranging all the materials
  4. Measuring of the mixture
  5. Preparing the mixture
  6. Compaction of soil
  7. Placing of joints
  8. Screeding and finishing the surface
  9. Curing the surface
  10. Opening the road

Needful minerals for the construction of cement concrete road:

  • Rapid Hardening Portland Cement or Ordinary Portland Cement
  • Fine and Coarse aggregates 
  • Steel
  • Water

Equipment used for cement concrete road construction:

  • Shovels
  • Spades and sieving screens 
  • Concrete mixer
  • Iron stakes
  • Water lorries, water cans

Cement concrete roads are constructed mainly in two ways:

Alternate Bay Method 

  • The construction of cement concrete road is done in alternate bays.
  • The bays are laid after the concrete laid gets hardened.
  • If it is Portland cement, then this process is done in a week.
  • For rapid hardening cement, it takes just two to three days.

Advantages of Bay Method 

  • You get more working space for the laying of the bay.
  • This method is much easier than other methods.

The bay laid before can stand the adjacent bay that is applied later.

Continuous Bay Method

  • As the name itself says, in this method of the continuous bay method, the concrete slabs are laid continuously.
  • The slabs are laid only on one bay.
  • While the other bay is opened for the public to use. 
  • The joints are provided by the end of the work. 

Advantages of Continuous Bay Method 

  • This method is preferred more than the alternate bay method.
  • You can construct half pavement width at a time.
  • The traffic can use the other half of the road, while half is under construction.

This was all about cement concrete road construction, methods and advantages in India.

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